Cow Head

Cow Head is a Japanese urban legend that is considered the scariest story ever written.

According to legend, a short story called Cow Head was discovered in Japan on the 17th century.The story was so horrific that anyone who read it will tremble violently for days until they die of fright.Most existing copies of the story were burned years ago.

One rumor tells of a school teacher who was taking his class to a school field trip.He wanted to entertain the kids with ghost stories and said he was going to tell the forbidden tale of Cow Head.The kids began screaming and told him not to tell them, one was very pale and frightened.However, the teacher's eyes went blank and he told the story.The teacher regains his senses and finds out the bus had fallen on a ditch and the bus driver was shaking and sweating.It is unknown what happens next except the teacher never told the story again.